Machine Safety

TEG Risk is a team of world-class machine safety consultants, founded in 2011 by Hamish Baker and Ross Norgrove. The ever-more complex field of machine safety was lacking a highly specialised engineering consultancy in New Zealand, and so they developed TEG to provide kiwi companies a professional, thorough third-party service. The team is made up of top-level consultants with extensive experience in New Zealand and abroad.

We fast became a leading provider in the field, and we are proud to say we have built many strong relationships with large and small companies who trust us implicitly with their risk management issues time and time again.

Machine safety consultancy

We deliver you top-quality results

Our team are absolute experts in health and safety engineering. We offer our clients a wealth of in-depth knowledge gained from years of experience in machine safety, and our machine guarding specialists are dedicated to ensuring the highest-quality, safest outcomes for you and your employees. Learn more about our team and their experience here. (link to ‘Our team’)

Our full range of compliance solutions are designed to meet the standards of today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment and the individual needs of your business. We listen to your needs and concerns and tailor our processes and reporting to suit you. We spend time on the factory floor, talking to your operators and understanding your processes, to ensure we deliver the exact solutions your company needs. 

In collaborating with TEG for your risk management solutions, you can rest assured you are receiving truly independent advice from experienced specialists in the field. We will find the most efficient and cost-effective methods for you to ensure absolute safety of your workers and to become compliant with all relevant regulations. 

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Mechanical and Industrial engineers

We continue to innovate

We are committed to ongoing learning and training to supplement our work experience, and are harnessing technology to streamline our processes. We have developed TEGRA, our own machine risk assessment app. This app improves our auditing efficiency by allowing extremely rapid data collection and an ever-expanding library of international industry templates. Learn more about TEGRA here.

We are trusted internationally

Our team supports leading manufacturing companies in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and the Middle East from our offices in Wellington, Auckland and Brisbane.

Our affiliate project management company – TEG Projects – also operates internationally as a resource for project development, planning, design coordination and construction management. TEG Projects specialises in the food and beverage industry. Learn more about how they can implement engineering solutions for your company here.

Meet the team

TEG Risk has a highly trained team of machine safety specialists from mechanical, electrical and safety backgrounds.