European conformity
machinery (CE Marking)

Machinery for the EU – get it right for export

If you are exporting machinery to Europe, as the manufacturer you must ensure your machine conforms to the stringent health and safety requirements set in place by the EU.

Most machinery is under the jurisdiction of the Electromagnetic Capability (EMC) Directive or the Machinery Directive (MD). A conformity assessment against the Essential Health and Safety Requirements needs to be carried out for each relevant directive, along with the relevant European Normalised Standards. The process is validated with a written declaration and a CE Mark fixed to the machine.


European Conformity Assessment

If these requirements seem complex to you, don’t be surprised. Familiarity and experience with the European process requirement and the extensive number of European regulations is essential. However, with the correct guidance, the CE Marking process is straightforward.

The TEG team have expert-level understanding of this process. Many of us have worked in the machine risk assessment industry for several years in Europe, while also obtaining relevant CE assessment qualifications. This knowledge, combined with our extensive machine safety standards knowledge, means we are ideally placed to provide you with advice in this area.

The services we provide for CE Marking and European Conformity Assessment for machinery include:

  • Researching and applying the relevant EU standards and directives.
  • Assessing conformity. 
  • Assessing all risks, and creating safety concepts and designs to mitigate risk.
  • Making recommendations regarding the Essential Health and Safety Requirements.
  • Carrying out all necessary inspections, tests and measurements.
  • Assisting with compiling the required legal documentation and technical files.