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Machine Safety – LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out).

Keeping workers safe with machine lockout is a critical component of machine safety management. The ability for all equipment to be correctly isolated before any work can be carried out is integral to the safety of employees and machine performance.

To comply with recent Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) policies, Goodman Fielder needed to carry out energy source and LOTO audits on all of their machinery across 16 manufacturing sites. LOTO registers and remedial works strategies were required to ensure that all energy sources could be suitably isolated according to the new policy.

TEG Risk prepared the new programmes, systems and policy compliant templates and mobilised a large team of engineers to carry out these assessments promptly. Documentation was created for nearly 1,000 assets.

Machine Safety LOTO Services

In January 2021, WorkSafe released guidance about how to use lockouts to safely isolate and de-energise the parts of machinery that could cause harm to workers when servicing this machinery. You can view WorkSafe’s guidance, ‘Keeping workers safe with machine lockouts’, here.

Already had a Machine Safety Risk Assessment from TEG Risk? – we can use the insights we’ve already gathered in The MinRisk App to quickly produce the LOTO cards you require for each machine.
Want a standalone LOTO assessment? – our engineering experts can conduct a LOTO only assessment for each of your machines to produce the LOTO cards you require to meet regulations.

We’ve put together a free guide that explains why LOTO is necessary, how LOTO improves safety, and more in our Explainer Guide To LOTO.

Download TEG Risk’s LOTO Guide using the button below:

Our friends over at The MinRisk App have a feature that supports Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) management of your machinery. The feature provides real-time eLOTO cards that you can view in the application, or produce PDF files for printing. Take a look at an example of an eLOTO card output from the App.

LOTO Image Example

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