Every manufacturing company depends on their machinery to function as efficiently as possible.

When your machines are working well, the result is fewer breakdowns, an increase in overall production, reduced costs due to fewer issues needing to be addressed, and less pressure on personnel due to fewer repairs. But when machines wear out or break down, they won’t function at the speed or quality required – or even at all. And unfortunately, most equipment doesn’t last as long as its design life due to the way it’s being operated or managed.

Just like the old adage to make hay while the sun shines, the very best time to implement the required actions is when things are running well. Taking preventative action will help to ensure equipment stays running that way – maximising its lifespan and performance.

What impacts machine reliability?

Your machine reliability can be impacted by whether the machine was correctly installed, calibrated and maintained.  Your team may be focused on getting the best in performance from a machine but may not be aware of the impact of wear and tear, or damage from a machine not calibrated correctly that is then put under pressure to perform.

Without a clear guideline of how to manage, maintain and improve the machine to get the best performance over its lifetime, you could in fact decrease its functionality and cause it to fail prematurely.

How TEG Risk can help

TEG Risk understands the issues that can cause your equipment to malfunction or wear out earlier than it should.  Our team has vast experience in equipment management, giving us the ability to assess all the things that contribute to failures and low performance.

So, to help companies improve the performance and reliability of their machinery, and know what will have the biggest impact on its performance, we’ve put together a new service offer for a  ‘Machine Reliability Review’.

How it works

Our team will come onto your site for one or two days (dependent upon the size of the site).

We will review:

  • What is being done to ensure the equipment is lasting as long as possible
  • How parts and equipment are stored to prevent damage and deterioration before installation
  • The quality of installation (per on-site personnel and contractors)
  • The process of determining the strategies for looking after and monitoring equipment
  • Efficient repairs to get the plant up and running as soon as possible
  • The process of investigating causes of failure and determining the most suitable solutions
  • How information regarding the equipment is managed
  • Leadership in reliability and equipment management to develop in-house expertise (such as clear objectives, targets, review of performance to plan, training, and mentoring)
  • Plus, we will review financial information regarding labour and equipment costs, and performance information regarding availability/speed/quality.

Some of these issues are direct contributors to profit, while others are enablers – allowing other areas to function more efficiently. Without setting up the enablers, improvements in the other areas will have limited results because they are so intrinsically connected.

When repeated annually, this review can then be used as a benchmarking tool to show the site progress year on year – helping you to reduce costs, plan yearly action steps, and improve machinery reliability in the long-term.

Turning insights into laser-focused action

The single biggest issue our clients face in taking care of their machinery is not knowing what to focus on. While larger organisations can have dedicated resources to improve each area, smaller companies have to spread resources over multiple topics – making prioritisation even more important. We understand that!

Managing the equipment in a manufacturing plant means balancing finance and resource into all aspects impacting equipment performance.  From installation to usage, to maintenance, and beyond.  So, during this review, we will show you why each issue needs to be prioritised, and exactly how to address them – ensuring you can be laser-focused with your time, people, money and attention.

Who it’s perfect for:

This review is perfect for managers of manufacturing companies wanting to improve machinery performance but are not sure where to start.  If you are frustrated at the progress of current improvement plans, or your current plans are not translating into the predicted results, chances are your current priorities aren’t quite right. This review will help you correct them.

Want to improve machine performance and reliability? Click here to find out more, or contact us here to arrange your Machine Reliability Review.

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