Machine Safety – LOTO

Protecting Your Workers From Hazardous Energy

Every year, hundreds of Kiwi employees are seriously injured or killed by machinery. Fingers are caught in cogs, limbs are severed by blades, or a body is crushed by a press.  Many of these incidents occur because the machine was not properly ‘locked out’.

What Is LOTO And What Does Stand For?

LOTO stands for: LOCK OUT-TAG OUT, and is a set of established procedures for each and every machine that includes locks and tags for ‘locking out, tagging out’ each of the energy sources on a machine during cleaning and maintenance.

Why is LOTO necessary?

LOTO will protect your employees and it is also a regulatory requirement that machines have a programme in place to prevent the movement of machinery during cleaning and maintenance.

TEG Risk has the specialist engineering professionals to evaluate your machinery to determine its energy sources and LOTO requirements and any residual risks.

TEG Risk Offers:

  • Clients who have already completed Machine Risk Assessments by TEG Risk will be able to utilise insights through The MinRisk App. The MinRisk App provides most of the data and images are already available to produce the LOTO cards with little extra work required.
    Alternatively, if organisations want just LOTO cards TEG Risk simply carry out a LOTO Assessment at each machine to produce the cards in a timely fashion.