Machine Safety – Project Management

Once a Risk Assessment has been completed TEG Risk will ensure the risks identified in your assessments are properly mitigated with our Machine Safety Project Management services.

Site-wide risk management is not a business-as-usual undertaking. The risks we often discover in our assessments cannot be rectified properly with the amount of internal resources and time most businesses currently have.

What we often see is the effect of ‘organisational risk’ – without the resources on hand, companies often put risk management strategy in the ‘too-hard’ basket and continue to carry risk.

TEG Risk Are Expert Project Management Consultants.

As a team of experts specifically qualified in machine safety assessments, we are well-placed to plan the risk mitigation process for the most efficient results – both time and resource-wise.

For large-scale change, implementation can take years. We provide thorough scheduling breakdowns and tracking systems so you can easily make sure you’re on task.

TEG Risk Offers:

  • Planning and prioritisation services – we determine which are the critical risks to be addressed urgently
  • Scoping and specification services:
    – Engagement with stakeholders and operators for best solutions
    – Detailed design concepts
    – Engineering instruction
  • Detailed design services – preparation of full Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) and/or full design drawings (electrical and mechanical) for system integrators to build to