Machine Safety – Validation

Most machine safety regulations require independent equipment validation after projects have been carried out, which can be a very technical process. We can provide you with full, independent Validation Services on upgraded machines and OEM equipment.

Our Validation Service verifies that the safety design was put in place correctly and checks that the machine works safely and meets the safety requirement specifications.

TEG Risk can make sure all of the boxes are ticked:

  • Have the right conceptual solutions been specified?
  • Have those solutions been designed technically correctly?
  • Have the solutions been implemented correctly?
  • Are you now compliant?

TEG Risk Will:

  • Validate machine safety according to the internal requirements of each client, to the requirements of AS/NZS 4024:2014 and the ISO variants including:
    • Safety concepts (ISO 12100)
    • Mechanical aspects (e.g. ISO 13857)
    • Functional safety elements, including safety controller software (ISO 13849)

    If appropriate, we also validate work to the requirements of international regulations.