TEG Risk Training

EG Risk offers a range of expert-led training services designed to support your business to become more effective at managing risks. Our training is bespoke and delivered based on our client’s requirements.

Training programmes available include:

  • Machine Safety – Training for Managers
    One-day onsite interactive training
  • Machine Safety – Overview Training
    Two-hour onsite training course

Learn more about what each of these trainings offer, and who they’re built for below:

Machine Safety – Training for Managers
This one-day onsite interactive training course provides machine safety training for managers in your organisation. It is customised to suit the machinery used in your operations.

Who is it for?
This training is ideal for organisations that have started their machine safety journey and know about “guarding” but are not experts yet. A knowledge of risk assessment — as it relates to machinery — is useful but not necessary. The training is typically undertaken by management teams with roles that can influence machine safety. This includes: Engineers, Health & Safety Managers, Operations Managers, those responsible for procurement, and Human Resource Managers.

It’s an opportunity to upskill these managers in a critical area of your business.

The training is ideal for engineers with good mechanical and electrical knowledge but who need to know about the tools to apply to make machinery safe and compliant. It will answer those questions you might have and will help those that make decisions relating to machinery risk.

Machine Safety – Overview Training
Two-hour onsite training course, or a one hour video presentation.

This machine safety awareness training focuses on the key engineering requirements of the machine safety standards (AS/NZS 4024:2014) and supporting standards.

We use our extensive experience of these safety standards to condense 900 pages of AS/NZS 4024 down into a short two-hour presentation highlighting the key things you need to know. You will leave this training session better able to identify machine safety issues and more prepared to fix them. Your solutions will be more appropriate to the needs of operation and maintenance, risks will be better addressed and ultimately you will see less rework of poor designs.

The training is designed for:

  • Engineers
  • Health & Safety personnel – e.g. representatives and operational staff.

This course is for those most closely involved with the machinery that may need to provide input or take action on any proposed machinery improvements.

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