Every manufacturing company depends on their machinery to function as efficiently as possible. But when machines wear out or break down, they won’t function at the speed or quality required – or at all.  

With our expertise in machine assessment and prioritisation, TEG provides comprehensive solutions to machine reliability and performance. We will present the most cost-effective and practical steps your business can take to optimise your plant’s performance.  


What we offer

We offer two options for reliability maintenance: proactive and reactive. 

Risk Management

The Proactive Approach

The best time to implement the required actions is when things are running well. Taking preventative action will help to ensure equipment stays that way.

Most equipment doesn’t last as long as its design life. TEG understand the issues that can cause your equipment to malfunction or wear out earlier than it should. To avoid this, we implement solutions that maximise the lifespan and performance of the equipment. We also implement monitoring to warn of impending issues and ensure the site is prepared for the required repairs to minimise disruptions.

The Reactive Approach

If you’re constantly fixing machine problems, you no longer have the time for proactive solutions. This is when TEG will run a loss mapping assessment to identify the significant issues affecting your business. We then prioritise the issues that to be addressed according to their value. Our detailed Root Cause Analysis process identifies the most effective and efficient solutions to gain not only the fastest results but the most sustainable.

The importance of loss mapping

Loss mapping is a unique tool created by TEG’s Machine Safety Engineer Barry Kleine.

A loss mapping assessment evaluates every factor affecting a site’s production – from equipment and technology to labour – and shows how each affects your plant’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This method allows us to identify the KPIs that are critical to plant performance and to your business objectives. 

Our loss map will show you how to prioritise each problem according to the largest potential improvement for your KPIs.

How a loss mapping assessment works

Loss mapping not only identifies your sources of loss but allows us to determine a plant strategy. 

We can then use a systematic approach to identify the systems, processes, equipment, and repetitive loss generators responsible for the gap between actual production and facility capability.

By prioritising which production and cost issues need tending to first, and establishing the true root causes, we can deliver the timeliest returns.

The result

TEG’s assessment will provide you with a detailed overview of how to improve machine reliability and performance. The result is fewer breakdowns, an increase in overall production, reduced costs due to fewer issues needing to be addressed, and less pressure on personnel due to fewer repairs.  

Our analysis identifies site issues and prioritises the steps that will provide the fastest results. We then create a practical, functional solution that will improve your company’s operations in a cost-effective manner.