Machine risk assessment app

Risk assessment made easy


TEGRA is a risk assessment app designed by us to benefit our clients.

This clever tool makes it easy and efficient to collect information, photos and generate reports.

TEGRA can produce reports to comply with international standards and meet our clients’ requirements. Many model risk assessments exist within the database for food processing equipment and these are used as base files to allow us to complete machine risk assessments quickly and to a very high standard.

Machine Risk Assessment App

Improved productivity

When our app is used we typically find a 20 per cent improvement in productivity and that there is increased information, higher quality reports and better data available.

Key information from international safety standards is loaded into TEGRA, letting us evaluate machines against industry standards. This helps with verification and validation of the risk assessment. The app estimates risk scores using the Hazard Risk Number (HRN) promoted by TUV and Pilz. The Functional Safety Performance Level (PL) requirements for each hazard can also be determined according to ISO 13849-1:2015.

Management reporting with TEGRA

The report format provides valuable information, including referenced photos of hazards and isolation points. This means machine-by-machine risk assessments can be left in plant locations for users to access, reference and review.

TEGRA also allows the data to be exported into CSV format for custom manipulation and importing into Excel spreadsheets. We have also prepared management reports in a simple Microsoft Excel format so that it can be used to answer questions like: What are our highest risks across the site? What are the lowest cost fixes? What are our quick wins? These registers can also be used to track remedial works to completion.

Continuous improvement

We’re always on the lookout to improve TEGRA by adding new functions. TEGRA can now produce Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) cards for you to place on your machines.


Your privacy is important to us. When we use our TEGRA app, we collect information to carry out machine risk assessments. Any personal information we collect is kept secure and is used for the purpose of the assessment.

Read our Privacy Policy to find out more.

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