Machine Risk Assessment

Machine Risk Assessments

TEG carry out machine risk assessments to help make your machinery and your workplace safer.  We provide detailed reports to help stakeholders fully understand both the issues and best-practise solutions.

Our machine risk assessments cover all mechanical, electrical and functional safety disciplines. Our experience and comprehensive methodology allow us to identify and evaluate risks that Health and Safety or non-specialist engineering personnel would overlook or underestimate.


Risk Assessment Services We Offer

  • A Summary Machine Risk Assessment across all of the equipment on site
  • A detailed team based risk assessment to establish with greater clarity what the solutions will look like
  • A pre-purchase design review to make sure you address risks at source and procure/specify the right equipment
Risk Management

Summary Machine Risk Assessment

A summary machine risk assessment is ideal for reviewing your existing equipment and establishing where your greatest risks are.  Our highly skilled engineers use our machine safety services app TEGRA which enables us to assess a large number of machines in a short time on site.

The TEGRA app also allows us to produce highly informative reports with standard references, photos and budget costs.  We can also provide a variety of management reports that allow your organisation to start planning and prioritising the implementation work.

Our assessments are aligned to ISO 12100 and we can complete the assessments utilising a wide variety of methods including your own risk matrix

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Risk Management hazardous substances

Detailed Machine Risk Assessment

If you have determined there is a specific machine that needs to be upgraded, our expert facilitators can carry out a team-based risk assessment with your key stakeholders so we can specify the solutions that will address your risks while not compromising machine productivity. 

By including stakeholders in the process of our assessment we can eliminate the hazards and address other issues such as hygiene or reliability. The outcome of this will improvements to the operator’s experience of their machine which will also increase their productivity. 

A detailed machine risk assessment is also ideal for addressing risks on complicated machines for which no suitable solution has previously been found.  Our expert safety engineers can describe the residual risks of various options so your organisation can make an informed decision as to how best to proceed.

Pre-purchase H&S by Design Review

Risks are best dealt with at the design stage.  When putting a new production line or piece of equipment in we can undertake a design review risk assessment.

The output of this process is that we identify how to can engineer out some of the risk, and create key specifications you can include in a supply contract. 

These detailed specifications provide a verification and validation basis when it comes to commissioning time.

They also help to ensure your suppliers, are committed to providing a safe and compliant machine.

Whenever we carry out our machine risk assessments we will:

  • Engage with your stakeholders
  • Give recommendations that are specific, practicable and reasonable
  • Utilise the latest standards to aid with implementation

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