Machine Safety Services

Machine Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

Machine safety risk is a complex area of engineering. Establishing best-practice machine safety and reliability isn’t simply a matter of undergoing a risk assessment.

Only competent machine safety engineers/professionals can identify the risk factors associated with your machinery and advise on the improvements required. A professional risk assessor can then communicate that plan to the contractors tasked with making the improvements, then ensure the repairs and upgrades are to standard.

TEG Risk has the experience and expertise to oversee the entire process – from identifying each risk through to project management and validation.

Risk Management

What we offer

TEG’s machine safety services compromises of three separate services: Risk Assessment, Project Management and Validation.

Risk Assessment

Identifying risk
Creating a report that creates detailed insights
Update your risk register

Project Management

Planning and prioritisation
Scoping and specification
Detailed Design


Validating work is done correctly
Providing certainty that work is done to code

Risk Assessment Services

Our machine risk assessments cover all mechanical, electrical and functional safety disciplines. Our experience and comprehensive methodology allow us to identify and evaluate risks that Health and Safety or non-specialist engineering personnel would overlook or underestimate.

We use our purpose-built TEGRA app to produce highly-detailed and accurate reports. These reports clarify the urgency and priori: ty of risks in an easy-to-read narrative format that includes management information and a classified remedial works registers.

We can then utilise this data and update the work register as we go through the process of managing the improvements. This gives management real time insights into their risk profile. 

Once improvements have been made records are updated so that it is easy to demonstrate compliance.

TEG will:

  • Asses the machine safety risks for your business
  • Generate a report that provides a detailed insight of risks
  • Our report will enable you to filter data for prioritising activities 
  • Update your risk register once improvements are made using our software with real-life data enabling you to keep accurate records

Project Management Services

Following a risk assessment, the next step is to create a plan for implementation.

A risk assessment will often highlight hundreds of risks to the workers who operate your machines. TEG will devise a plan to manage these risks as efficiently as possible, minimising the disruption to your business so your workplace becomes compliant and safe.

TEG take risk management solutions off your hands, allowing you to continue business-as-usual operations. 

We can also provide a detailed framework for contractors to carry out remedial works. While contractors may do good work, they will often prioritise incorrectly and implement ineffective solutions. This may only be picked up when the project is validated, resulting in expensive rework to meet standards.

TEG will:

  • Work with you to develop a plan and the strategy for implementation
  • Establish a detailed implementation plan
  • Identify and recommend the ‘easy fixes’
  • Prepare work packs for contractors with a high-level concept of the design change required. We include a comprehensive description of the improvements required to meet standards. (Scoping and Specification)

Detailed Design Services

Some machinery improvements will require a more detailed design brief to be given to a contractor as part of their work pack for improvements. 

Our detailed design services provide a comprehensive guide for contractors to undertake improvements, from the high-level concept through to the selection and sizing of parts, calculations and wiring diagrams.  

We understand that some of our clients have very knowledgeable contractors who can do the detailed design from our specification.  Others don’t, which is why we offer a detailed design guide to be passed on to a local but not knowledgeable contractor.

TEG will:

  • Assess the machinery for the best design improvement. 
  • Provide detailed drawings and a description of the changes required and how to implement them.
  • Review the work’s done to ensure the changes are done to code.


The final stage of any machine safety programme is a validation.

Validation is a critical component of completing a machine safety upgrade. It must be done independent of design and requires the same expertise to understand the risk factors as to be able to assess that any improvements have met relevant standards. 

Our Validation services verifies that the safety design was implemented correctly and validates that the machine is safe and meets the safety requirement specifications. 

TEG will:

  • Have the right conceptual solutions been specified?

  • Have the safeguarding solutions been designed correctly?

  • Have the solutions been implemented correctly?

  • Have the project objectives and compliance requirements been met.