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It’s not unusual for plants and manufacturing facilities to manage their machine risk assessments from Excel spreadsheets. When you have multiple sites, a large number of machines and a board to report to, automating your Machine Risk Assessment process can be a more efficient and robust option.

TEG Risk carried out Summary Machine Risk Assessments for Bremworth after which they committed resources to implementing the required remedial works to their machine safety critical risks. Bremworth had been using Excel spreadsheets to update registers, records and reports, which was a time consuming exercise for their team, made more difficult by their multiple sites and Covid-19 lockdowns.

TEG Risk integrated Bremworth’s latest machine safety risk information into The MinRisk App and prepared a custom board report that was driven by the App’s market leading technology. This allowed Bremworth staff around the country to update their risk records directly into the App.

With new machine safety data and photos, Bremworth’s Head Office could prepare up-to-date reports on the current state of machinery that were easily accessible, and delivered in real-time.

Machine Safety Risk Assessment

TEG Risk Assessments provide a thorough look at your workplace to identify processes, situations and machinery that can cause harm to people or property.

Risk Assessment Services We Offer:

  • A Summary Machine Risk Assessment for all your equipment on site.
  • A Detailed Team-Based Risk Assessment to establish with greater clarity what the solutions will look like.
  • A Pre-Purchase Design Review to make sure you address risks at source and procure/specify the right equipment.

Find out more about TEG Risk’s Machine Safety Risk Assessment Services:

TEG Risk - Machine Safety Risk Assessment Bremworth Case Studies
TEG Risk - Machine Safety Risk Assessment Bremworth Case Studies

Project led by TEG Risk Senior Safety Engineer Warren Wagener

Warren has over 30 years of experience designing, installing and validating electronic and control systems in the aviation, fuel supply and food industries.

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