Machine safety services

Engineering solutions

Health and Safety by design, design review and procurement support

We carry out design reviews to try and eliminate hazards where possible and then ensure that the machinery/line equipment and its layout conform to all the relevant international standards.

Our procurement support and design review services also include evaluating vendor equipment and documentation to ensure your internal safety and project requirements will be met.

Between TEG Risk and TEG Projects, we are then able to coordinate the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) activities as they relate to your internal safety requirements to ensure the project timeline and deliverables remain on target.

Machine Safety Services

Machine risk assessments

We carry out site-wide summary machine risk assessments on legacy/existing equipment. We use our own iPad app (TEGRA) to make this process efficient and cost effective but also to produce narrative and data-based reports, such as risk registers and classified (mechanical, electrical, functional safety) remedial works registers.

We have experience completing these assessments across multiple sites within Australia and New Zealand and have had single assignments involving thousands of assets.

Our detailed, team-based machine risk assessments are typically used prior to carrying out a safety upgrade to a legacy machine where stakeholder engagement and sign-off is key.

We have a reputation for developing practical solutions to difficult, long-standing machine safety problems that have avoided the costly replacement of non-compliant equipment.

We’re always looking at better, more efficient ways to operate to benefit our clients, which is why we developed TEGRA, our risk assessment app. This clever tool makes it easy and efficient to collect information, photos and generate reports. Find out more about TEGRA here.


Scoping and specification

We produce detailed specification/design and scope of works documents for both new equipment, and for upgrading existing machinery, to the latest international and client internal safety requirements to assist with tendering or project delivery.

Our speciality is challenging equipment for which there is no OEM or market-available solution and designs have to be developed from scratch. In these instances, TEG can prepare the full detailed Safety Requirements Specifications for the system integrators to build to.

Our services in this area ensure a smooth implementation of legacy equipment safety upgrades.


We provide full and independent validation on upgraded and OEM equipment. This includes the validation of machine safety to client internal requirements, the validation of safety concepts to ISO 12100, the validation of mechanical aspects e.g. to ISO 13857, the validation of functional safety elements, including safety controller software to ISO 13849.

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