Project Management

Once a risk assessment has been completed TEG Risk will ensure the risks identified in your assessments are properly mitigated with our Machine Safety Project Management services.

Site-wide risk management is not a business-as-usual undertaking. The risks we often discover in our assessments cannot be rectified properly with the amount of internal resources and time most businesses currently have. 

What we often see is the effect of ‘organisational risk’ – without the resources on hand, companies often put risk management strategy in the ‘too-hard’ basket and continue to carry risk.

Risk Management

TEG are expert project management consultants

As a team of experts specifically qualified in machine safety assessments, we are well-placed to plan the risk mitigation process for the most efficient results – both time and resource-wise. 

For large-scale change, implementation can take years. We provide thorough scheduling breakdowns and tracking systems so you can easily make sure you’re on task.


The planning and prioritisation process

First, we determine which are the critical risks to be addressed urgently. While these are addressed, we also concentrate on the quick fixes that require minor remedial works to address multiple amputation hazards in the middle of your risk register.

The next steps involve working with a client to establish a plan that encompasses risk and complexity. This means going through the risks and those that require more complex guarding design solutions e.g. interlocking or implementation plans.

While carrying out your risk management assessment, we get to intimately understand how the company works and how the plant operates. In the planning and prioritisation process, we would work with you to figure out the capabilities of your business for risk management and develop a plan that is feasible for the business. For some of our clients, we have created year-by-year plans to take their annual budget and other resource issues into account.

Risk Management hazardous substances

Scoping and specification services

To properly mitigate risk, many safeguarding solutions require sophisticated and complex engineering design. At TEG Risk, our experience means we are well-versed in what works, so our designs fix the problem effectively, the first time around.

We make sure our solutions are practical, beneficial to the operators and built to last. To ensure this we engage with management and the people on the floor who operate the machines. We gather as much information as we can, to then create the best design concepts.

Our designs are incredibly detailed and contain all of the specifications needed for engineers to complete the work to a high standard.

Our scoping and specification service includes:

  • Engagement with stakeholders and operators for best solutions
  • Detailed design concepts
  • Engineering instruction

This creates a work pack. You can put this out for tender, give it to a trusted contractor, or have TEG Risk oversee the project management.

Having TEG manage the project means you carry out your own business as usual, while we ensure the project is running correctly and to the highest standard. This allows you to manage your business and your risks in the most time-effective manner possible.

Detailed Design Services

Some machinery improvements will require a more detailed design brief to be given to a contractor as part of their work pack for improvements.

Our speciality is creating solutions for challenging equipment issues for which there is no OEM or market-available solution, and so designs have to be developed from scratch. In these instances, TEG Risk can prepare the full detailed Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) for system integrators to build to.

Our detailed design services provide a comprehensive guide for contractors to undertake improvements, from the high-level concept through to the selection and sizing of parts, calculations and wiring diagrams.  

We understand that some of our clients have very knowledgeable contractors who can do the detailed design from our specification.  Others don’t, which is why we offer a detailed design guide to be passed on to a local but not knowledgeable contractor.

Read more about our machine safety projects here.

Contractor risk factors

You may have engineering contractors in mind to do the remedial works for you, but it is highly unlikely that they have design expertise for the best solutions. 

They will probably ‘give it a go’ to the best of their knowledge and abilities, but in many cases, without the specific designs, they won’t engineer a compliant solution. It is common for businesses to waste money on work that will have to be redone due to this.

Without proper planning, specifications to work to, and effective project management, contractors may do good work but will prioritise incorrectly and implement ineffective solutions.

 That’s why we recommend to our clients that they call on us to help them to plan, prioritise, design and project manage their improvement program.