Machine Reliability Services – Wool Processing Company

Recommission legacy equipment / Primary Industries

Sometimes, legacy equipment may need to be recommissioned to service a particular project. Often, safety regulations have moved on from when the machinery was previously in use. TEG Risk worked with a wool processing company who needed to increase their wool carding throughput to meet growing demand. A specialist piece of legacy equipment, previously mothballed, was needed to be rebuilt.

TEG Risk provided specialist advice and consultation with the client on the conceptual solutions, specifications and conformity of the mechanical safeguarding design to allow the site to procure the mechanical safeguards themselves. Detailed design of the functional safety circuits, including the safety controller software, was carried out by TEG Risk Safety Engineers to integrate into the electrical and process control the client was designing. Safety circuit designs were provided to the client so they could procure and install these themselves at reduced cost, and without the margins a turnkey provider might charge. Local TEG Risk Safety Engineers were then involved throughout the installation process to ensure machine compliance.

The processing company’s staff were involved to ensure verification and validation activities were carried out independent of the designer. This project provided a working model to the site, and enabled them to upgrade a second machine and improve the safety of other carding machines on the premises.

Machine Validation Services

We have multiple validation services and like to be involved from the beginning of the project to validate all relevant factors including concepts, safety-related parts, safety controller software and vendor documentation.

Examples of validations we have carried out include:

  • Case packers that were being constructed for global supply to a multi-national food company.
  • Large multi-zone robotic palletisers for supply to Middle Eastern food companies,
  • Bin tipper designs for mass production and sale into Europe.
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