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We get it right first time

We are experts in machine safety. Our team has years of experience in New Zealand and internationally – we’ve seen it all before, and we know exactly what works.

We prioritise sustainable solutions, as they are the most cost-effective and practical in the long run.

As we have expertise in management and prioritisation, you can rest assured we are making the best use of your resources and budget.

With our specialised design management approach, we can add value outside of machine safety and compliance too. We take functional safety, ergonomics, hygiene and user satisfaction into account as much as we can. 

We minimise your ‘latent risk period’. Engaging us as a third party to carry out the work means you are not having to try to implement risk management solutions while also completing your business-as-usual operations. We work efficiently and without disruption, so your workplace becomes compliant and safe as quickly as possible.

European Conformity Assessment

We are experts in risk and sustainability services

TEG’s team of industry experts is skilled in all aspects of machine safety and reliability. We are committed to providing the very best advice and solutions for your workplace. From machine safety guarding assessment to hazardous substances management, TEG offer practical and comprehensive guidance.

Our team is led by TEG Risk Director Hamish Baker, who spent many years working in the UK as the Environment, Safety and Health Manager for an international chemical and food additives company.

 Hamish was responsible for the safety management of the Major Accident Hazard site and its (COMAH/SEVESO) regulatory requirements. This included process safety and occupational health and safety aspects related to the storage, processing and handling of a vast array of different hazardous substances to international best practice standards.

Hamish has completed formal Hazardous Area Classification training in the UK through BASEEFA and has also obtained Unit Standard Certification to the Australian standards concerning hazardous area classification.

You can read more about our team and their expertise here.

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