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TEG Risk provides machine safety services to industry, specialising in the primary and food processing sector. Our experience has been across large multi-site organisations with international clients.

We provide safety engineering services for physical and mechanical disciplines and also those related to hazardous substances and hazardous area classifications.

Machine Safety – Risk Assessment

Machine Safety – Risk Assessment

TEG Risk carries out Machine Risk Assessments to help make your machinery and your workplace safer. We provide detailed reports to help stakeholders fully understand both the issues and best-practise solutions.

Our Machine Risk Assessments cover all mechanical, electrical and functional safety disciplines. Our experience and comprehensive methodology allow us to identify and evaluate risks that Health and Safety or non-specialist engineering personnel would overlook or underestimate.

A TEG Risk Assessment includes:

  • A Summary Machine Risk Assessment across all of the equipment on site
  • A Detailed team based Risk Assessment to establish with greater clarity what the solutions will look like
  • A Pre-Purchase H&S By Design Review to make sure you address risks at source and procure/specify the right equipment

Discover TEG Risk’s Machine Safety Risk Assessment Capabilities here.



TEG Risk Training Services

TEG Risk Training

TEG Risk offers a range of expert-led training services designed to support your business to become more effective at managing risks. Our training is bespoke and delivered based on our client’s requirements.

Training programmes available include:

  • Machine Safety – Training for Managers
    One-day onsite interactive training
  • Machine Safety – Overview Training
    Two-hour onsite training course

Learn more about what each of these trainings offer, and who they’re built for here.


We’ve put together all of the information that you will need to know about our training service solutions in one easy to access place. Please use button below to access more information.

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Machine Safety – Project Management

Machine Safety – Project Management

Once a Risk Assessment has been completed TEG Risk will ensure the risks identified in your assessments are properly mitigated with our Machine Safety Project Management services.

Site-wide risk management is not a business-as-usual undertaking. The risks we often discover in our assessments cannot be rectified properly with the amount of internal resources and time most businesses currently have.

What we often see is the effect of ‘organisational risk’ – without the resources on hand, companies often put risk management strategy in the ‘too-hard’ basket and continue to carry risk.

TEG Risk Are Expert Project Management Consultants.

As a team of experts specifically qualified in machine safety assessments, we are well-placed to plan the risk mitigation process for the most efficient results – both time and resource-wise.

For large-scale change, implementation can take years. We provide thorough scheduling breakdowns and tracking systems so you can easily make sure you’re on task.

TEG Risk Offers:

  • Planning and prioritisation services – we determine which are the critical risks to be addressed urgently
  • Scoping and specification services:
    – Engagement with stakeholders and operators for best solutions
    – Detailed design concepts
    – Engineering instruction
  • Detailed design services – preparation of full Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) and/or full design drawings (electrical and mechanical) for system integrators to build to



Machine Safety – Validation

Machine Safety – Validation

Most machine safety regulations require independent equipment validation after projects have been carried out, which can be a very technical process. We can provide you with full, independent Validation Services on upgraded machines and OEM equipment.

Our Validation Service verifies that the safety design was put in place correctly and checks that the machine works safely and meets the safety requirement specifications.

TEG Risk can make sure all of the boxes are ticked:

  • Have the right conceptual solutions been specified?
  • Have those solutions been designed technically correctly?
  • Have the solutions been implemented correctly?
  • Are you now compliant?

TEG Risk Will:

Validate machine safety according to the internal requirements of each client, to the requirements of AS/NZS 4024:2014 and the ISO variants including:

  • Safety concepts (ISO 12100)
  • Mechanical aspects (e.g. ISO 13857)
  • Functional safety elements, including safety controller software (ISO 13849)

If appropriate, we also validate work to the requirements of international regulations.



Machine Safety – LOTO

Machine Safety – LOTO

Protecting Your Workers From Hazardous Energy

Every year, hundreds of Kiwi employees are seriously injured or killed by machinery. Fingers are caught in cogs, limbs are severed by blades, or a body is crushed by a press.  Many of these incidents occur because the machine was not properly ‘locked out’.

What Is LOTO And What Does Stand For?

LOTO stands for: LOCK OUT-TAG OUT, and is a set of established procedures for each and every machine that includes locks and tags for ‘locking out, tagging out’ each of the energy sources on a machine during cleaning and maintenance.

Why is LOTO necessary?

LOTO will protect your employees and it is also a regulatory requirement that machines have a programme in place to prevent the movement of machinery during cleaning and maintenance.

TEG Risk has the specialist engineering professionals to evaluate your machinery to determine its energy sources and LOTO requirements and any residual risks.

TEG Risk Offers:

Clients who have already completed Machine Risk Assessments by TEG Risk will be able to utilise insights through The MinRisk App. The MinRisk App provides most of the data and images are already available to produce the LOTO cards with little extra work required.
Alternatively, if organisations want just LOTO cards TEG Risk simply carry out a LOTO Assessment at each machine to produce the cards in a timely fashion.



Machine Safety – EU Conformity / CE Marking

Machine Safety – EU Conformity / CE Marking

If you are exporting machinery to Europe, as the manufacturer you must ensure your machine conforms to the stringent health and safety requirements set in place by the EU.

Most machinery is under the jurisdiction of the Electromagnetic Capability (EMC) Directive or the Machinery Directive (MD). A Machine Conformity Assessment against the Essential Health and Safety Requirements needs to be carried out for each relevant directive, along with the relevant European Normalised Standards. The process is validated with a written declaration and a CE Mark fixed to the machine.

If these requirements seem complex to you, don’t be surprised. Familiarity and experience with the European process requirement and the extensive number of European regulations is essential. However, with the correct guidance, the CE Marking process is straightforward.

The TEG Risk team have expert-level understanding of this process. Members of the team have worked in the Machine Risk Assessment industry for several years in Europe, while also obtaining relevant CE Assessment qualifications. This knowledge, combined with our extensive machine safety standards knowledge, means we are ideally placed to provide you with advice in this area.


TEG Risk Will:

  • Research and apply the relevant EU standards and directives
  • Assess conformity
  • Assess all risks, and create safety concepts and designs to mitigate risk
  • Make recommendations regarding the Essential Health and Safety Requirements
  • Carry out all necessary inspections, tests and measurements
  • Assist with compiling the required legal documentation and technical files



Programme Management

Program Management

TEG Risk offers two levels of Programme Management consulting.

1. Safety Programme Management

TEG Risk’s Programme Management service is the next step in implementing a consistent, efficient Machine Safety initiative. TEG Risk work on-site with your personnel to implement strategies that will ensure all aspects of safety management are addressed and that knowledge is transferred throughout the company.  This includes safety leadership, management, planning, technical guidance, training, information management and communication.

2. Reliability Programme Management

Implementing a Machine Reliability Program is one of the most effective ways a company can ensure long-term machine performance in the most cost-effective manner. We aim to implement procedures that prevent your equipment from failing in the first place.

TEG Risk works on-site with your personnel to implement strategies that will minimise production downtime, stabilise or reduce costs, and maximise the lifespan of your equipment. We also help you to understand where your losses are and the processes to best address them.

TEG Risk’s machine reliability Programme Management goes beyond standard machine consultants. We ensure your entire company is up to speed by providing reliability leadership, management, planning, training, information management and communication.

Why Choose TEG Risk Program Management?

  • Save money
  • Boost production
  • Task management
  • Safety management

Programme Management is carried out over several stages. We begin by establishing the hierarchy of needs in each particular area or system of your site. We then provide the necessary mentoring and guidance your operations and maintenance personnel need to carry out the processes we recommend, and then assist them in executing a long-term improvement plan.


TEG Risk Will:

  • Understand what you want from your business
  • Analyse relevant data to create an overall picture of your site
  • Prioritise the needs within your operation
  • Develop a plan and the strategy for implementation
  • Define the management, maintenance, reliability and operational requirements



Machine Reliability

Machine Reliability

Every manufacturing company depends on their machinery to function as efficiently as possible. But when machines wear out or break down, they won’t function at the speed or quality required – or at all.

With our expertise in machine assessment and prioritisation, TEG Risk provides comprehensive solutions to machine reliability and performance. We will present the most cost-effective and practical steps your business can take to optimise your plant’s performance.

We offer two options for Machine Reliability maintenance: Proactive and Reactive.

1. The Proactive Approach

The best time to implement the required actions is when things are running well. Taking preventative action will help to ensure equipment stays that way.

Most equipment doesn’t last as long as its design life. TEG Risk understand the issues that can cause your equipment to malfunction or wear out earlier than it should. To avoid this, we implement solutions that maximise the lifespan and performance of the equipment. We also implement monitoring to warn of impending issues and ensure the site is prepared for the required repairs to minimise disruptions.

2. The Reactive Approach

If you’re constantly fixing machine problems, you no longer have the time for proactive solutions. This is when TEG Risk will run a loss mapping assessment to identify the significant issues affecting your business. We then prioritise the issues that need to be addressed according to their value. Our detailed Root Cause Analysis process identifies the most effective and efficient solutions to gain not only the fastest results but the most sustainable.


TEG Risk Will:

  • Perform a loss mapping assessment to evaluate every factor affecting a site’s production – from equipment and technology to labour – showing how each affects your plant’s key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Determine a plant strategy – identifying the systems, processes, equipment, and repetitive loss generators responsible for the gap between actual production and facility capability
  • Create a practical, functional solution that will improve your company’s operations in a cost-effective manner.


Hazardous Substances & Explosive Areas

Hazardous Substances & Explosive Areas

About 1 in 3 New Zealand businesses manufacture, use, handle or store hazardous substances. These substances are a major contributor to the estimated 600-900 deaths and 30,000 cases of serious ill health from work-related disease each year. To ensure your workplace isn’t contributing to these overwhelming statistics, an in-depth risk assessment is crucial.

New Zealand has strict and complex governance around hazardous substances and explosive areas. TEG Risk’s best practice advice comes from years of experience and in-depth understanding of the regulations and risks involved.

Experts in the field

TEG Risk Director Hamish Baker spent many years working in the UK as the Environment, Safety and Health Manager for an international chemical and food additives company.

Combined with his process engineering training background he is ideally placed to understand your operations and how they might be affected by hazardous substances or explosive atmospheres.

Hamish has completed formal Hazardous Area Classification training in the UK through BASEEFA and has also obtained Unit Standard Certification to the Australian standards concerning hazardous area classification:

  • AS/NZS 60079.10.1-2009 Explosive atmospheres – Classification of areas – Explosive gas atmospheres
  • AS/NZS 60079.10.2-2016 Explosive atmospheres – Classification of areas – Combustible dust atmospheres

Find out more about Hamish’s expertise here.


TEG Risk Will:

  • Extensively review your operations and any hazardous / combustible substances used. We then provide a breakdown of exactly what needs to be done to mitigate the risk these substances can present if used incorrectly. We take into account:
    • Type of substance
    • What it is used for
    • How it is handled
    • Who is using it (and how they are trained)
    • Inventory
    • Storage
    • Signage
    • Hazardous area classifications
    • Secondary containment
  • Work with you to identify operational improvements to not only make you compliant, but to reduce the personnel and property risks associated with these substances
  • Classify hazardous areas with optimum accuracy, and explain the best solutions to mitigate risk in these areas
  • Identify risks associated with combustible dust, and detail solutions and pathways to manage risk in relation to the issues presented.


The MinRisk App – Mobile Machine Safety Risk Assessments

The MinRisk App – Optimise Your Machine Risk Management Approach

Mobile, real-time machine safety risk assessments for the manufacturing industry.

Focusing on the specific issue of machine safety assessment, the team at TEG Risk has a deep understanding of machine safety and risk assessment through its consulting and project management businesses. The TEG Risk team created The MinRisk App to support their inhouse consulting team, and after 6 years of research and development, are bringing it to market, to better serve Health and Safety and Engineering teams, in the manufacturing sector.

Benefits and key product features

The MinRisk App is the first of its kind in the Australasian market, supporting Health & Safety teams in the manufacturing sectors to automate their machine safety assessments with fewer errors, faster.


  • Meeting required Australasian Health and Safety standards
  • Work onsite, in real-time
  • Collaborative app with multiple users
  • Relevant and understandable data
  • Streamline your risk management reporting
  • Web portal allows platform customisation
  • Lock Out Tag Out add on module


The MinRisk App is offering a no obligation, free demo service to give you the opportunity to trial The MinRisk App’s ground-breaking features like the Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Module, Customised Machine Reporting, Machine Analysis and more. Booking a demo is quick and easy, you just have to fill out a short form on The MinRisk App’s website using the link below and our helpful team will be on hand to provide you with any support required.



Risk Explained

Summary Machine Risk Assessment

A summary machine risk assessment is ideal for reviewing your existing equipment and establishing where your greatest risks are. Our highly skilled engineers use The MinRisk App which enables us to assess a large number of machines in a short time on site.

The MinRisk App also allows us to produce highly informative reports with standard references, photos and budget costs.  We can also provide a variety of management reports that allow your organisation to start planning and prioritising the implementation work.

Our assessments are aligned to AS/NZS 4024.1201/1301/1501 and ISO 12100, and we can complete the assessments utilising a wide variety of methods including your own risk matrix.

See our case study Projects: Machine Risk Assessments

Detailed Machine Risk Assessment

If you have determined there is a specific machine that needs to be upgraded, our expert facilitators can carry out a team-based risk assessment with your key stakeholders so we can specify the solutions that will address your risks while not compromising machine productivity.

By including stakeholders in the process of our assessment we can eliminate the hazards and address other issues such as hygiene or reliability. The outcome of this will improve the operator’s experience of their machine, which will also increase their productivity.

A detailed machine risk assessment is also ideal for addressing risks on complicated machines for which no suitable solution has previously been found.  Our expert safety engineers can describe the residual risks of various options so your organisation can make an informed decision as to how best to proceed.


Pre-purchase Health & Safety by Design Review

Risks are best dealt with at the design stage.  When putting a new production line or piece of equipment in we can undertake a design review risk assessment.

The output of this process is that we identify how to can engineer out some of the risk, and create key specifications you can include in a supply contract.

These detailed specifications provide a verification and validation basis when it comes to commissioning time.

They also help to ensure your suppliers, are committed to providing a safe and compliant machine.

Whenever we carry out our machine risk assessments we will:

  • Engage with your stakeholders
  • Give recommendations that are specific, practicable and reasonable
  • Utilise the latest standards to aid with implementation

Read about a case study project: New line design review and procurement support


TEG Risk Machine Safety Process

TEG Risk provides specialists services at each stage of the Machine Safety Process, from Assessment through to Validation. 

Our TUV Certified Team have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that our client’s needs are met and considered at each stage. Our holistic approach, and understanding of the wider Machine Safety landscape, allows us provide a clinical approach to each stage of the Machine Safety Process.


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