Legacy Equipment Machine Risk Assessment – Case Study

7 sites, 2800 machines and nearly 7000 risks
TEG Risk and The MinRisk App

The MinRisk App’s parent company — TEG Risk — was engaged by Alliance Group Limited (AGL) to carry out machine safety risk assessment across their entire processing network. As one of the largest meat processors supplying export markets, this required the evaluation of 7 sites, 2800 machines and nearly 7000 risks. This was a massive undertaking and unlikely to have been done on the same scale previously.

Utilising The MinRisk App’s cloud-based software, processes were implemented to work collaboratively, which improved project efficiencies and enhanced the quality and detail of risk assessments and reports. The project outputs included not only narrative style reports with referenced photos — providing value for site personnel — but aggregated management information reports/data for planners. The MinRisk App’s customisable reporting software features were leveraged to add new data post-report writing, to provide further value. The ability to access and interpret reports with ease was identified as critical to the success of the project by Senior Management.

Machine Safety Risk Assessment

TEG Risk Assessments provide a thorough look at your workplace to identify processes, situations and machinery that can cause harm to people or property.

Risk Assessment Services We Offer:

  • A Summary Machine Risk Assessment for all your equipment on site.
  • A Detailed Team-Based Risk Assessment to establish with greater clarity what the solutions will look like.
  • A Pre-Purchase Design Review to make sure you address risks at source and procure/specify the right equipment.

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