Machine Safety Project Management – Large NZ Dairy Manufacturer

New line design review and procurement support / Primary Industries

Machine hazards can be commonplace in complex manufacturing environments using a mix of legacy equipment and new machinery.

TEG Risk was engaged at the feasibility study stage to undertake a business case assessment of a large dairy company plant and prepare a CAPEX request to address existing machine safety risks. The company had an automatic, in-line, legacy waste compactor with multiple high severity hazards.

TEG Risk’s project management team prepared specification and cost estimates to complete the safeguarding upgrade, using ‘Health and Safety by design’ methodology and whole-of-life cost (including maintenance costs) to justify and support approval of a new compactor and plant layout.

Once CAPEX budget was approved, TEG Risk supported the implementation of the new machinery before and after installation. The programme of work included supply of compliant, validated plant, pre-construction design reviews for two new cheese production lines, in-depth specification advice to ensure the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ American made equipment conformed to AS/ NZS4024:2014 requirements. The project resulted in an improved workspace and eliminated many of the hazards that needed safeguarding.

Machine Safety Project Management Services:

  • Planning and prioritisation of risks – a machine safety risk assessment will often identify a number of risks at your site. Some risks will be quick to fix, others significant. Some risks will be more critical than others. Our Project Management Consultants will develop a robust plan to address all machine risks and failures and ensure critical risks are prioritised for urgent completion.
  • Scoping and specification – our Project Management Consultants will engage with key stakeholders and operators to ensure we design an optimal design solution. They will also provide detailed design concepts and engineering instruction for internal consultation.
  • Detailed design services – our Project Management Consultants will prepare full Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) and electrical and mechanical design drawings for your operators to build to required specifications.
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